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How Make-Up Artists Use Plantogen To Make Your Skin Healthy And Radiant


Actors such as Will Ferrel and Sarah Baker use Plantogen Products to keep their skin radiant and healthy. They used Plantogen Corrective Eye Gel during a recent movie filming.


Some people are born with naturally amazing skin, hair, and good bone structure. However no matter how wonderful one’s skin may be, proper skin care maintenance is crucial to have and maintain healthy and radiant skin, especially when you are in the spotlight as a performer or business woman. This article will provide you information about the different types of Plantogen products make-up artists use to not only take care of their clients’ skin but also give clients the youthful radiant skin they desire.

Some  make-up artist skin care tricks are the following:

-Using squeezed lemon juice on body and keep it on for 10minutes then rinse to exfoliate your skin and remove dry, flaky skin cells.

-Using skin oil to give skin complexion a nice texture and hydrate skin.

-Cleaning and tidying brows with mist hairspray and a brow brush.

But more attention to skin care is necessary for the best skin care results.

Makeup artists that use Plantogen products know that the four main products a make-up artists should use to give their clients healthy,youthful, radiant skin are oils, exfoliation products, moisturizers, and anti-aging products.

One makeup artist that has tremendously benefited from Plantogen products is Bernadette Mazur, a makeup artist who works on many Columbia Pictures movies.

Just this week Mazur completed a film and used Plantogen’s Manuka Honey products on actors after an all day kissing scene resulted in ” beard burn.” The Manuka honey saved the day by improving skin texture and skin smoothness for next day filming.

Mazur has also used Plantogen Corrective Eye Gel on major Holly Wood Stars such as Will Ferrel and Sarah Baker. In upcoming months Mazur is using Plantogen products during the filming of a huge Ben Stiller movie.

You can have great skin like these superb movie stars as well.

Below we will discuss some Plantogen skin care products make-up artists use regularly to provide exceptional skin care needs to their clients:

The Moisturizing Benefits of Plantogen Skin Oil

Skin oil can add a great sheen to your skin but it can be messy. To resolve this messy dilemma, add a few drops of oil to your bathwater. Allow your body to soak and then towel yourself off.  This will provide your skin the right amount of moisturizing benefits without transferring the oil to your clothes. A great body oil to use is Plantogen Manuka Skin Oil, an ideal anti-aging supplement that contains high content of plamitoleic acid. The product is non-irritating, fragrance free and improves skin hydration in only 7 days.

Pour a small amount upon your hands and apply in gentle upward movements for best results.

The Exfoliation Benefits of Plantogen Products

Plantogen has many restorative dry skin facial products. Dry skin peels and flakes making your skin suffer from redness and feel taut and tight. One amazing Plantogen exfoliation product that helps eliminate and alleviate dryness, puffiness, and dark circles is Plantogen Gentle Facial Scrub. This product will sloughs away dead cells and give your skin a brighter, smoother appearance. Also the Plantogen Gentle Facial Scrub contains Jojoba beads with spherical and smooth shapes, which provide effective exfoliation without irritating your skin, so it is ideal for anyone concerned with redness and irritation .

Many mass market exfoliation products are considered as very abrasive and cause redness…not the case with Plantogen Gentle Facial Scrub.

Use this cleanser with water and cotton pads for best results. Follow up with a moisturizer.

Eye Fatigue Removal

As we all age, the appearance of wrinkles and dry lines around our eye area is inevitable but a makeup artist could use corrective eye gel to smooth out the skin around our eyes and minimize the appearance of wrinkles and dry lines. A great Plantogen product make-up artists use is Plantogen Corrective Eye Gel. The corrective eye gel is hydrating and soothing. It acts on bags under the eyes to lessen signs of fatigue because of the Witch Hazel Extract ingredient. It also promotes suppleness and makes the skin feel smooth because of the chamomile extract included in the product. Some other key ingredients in Plantogen Corrective Eye Gel are Aloe Vera (heals skin), Cucumber Extract (rejuvenates cells) and Green Tea Extract (neutralizes effects of free radicals and protects against extreme environmental impact). Use daily after cleansing and pat gently under eye area, with fingertips, for the best results.

There is no reason why your skin cannot glow from head-to-toe. Plantogen offers a full range of professional make-up artists’ products such as moisturizers, masks, cleansers and more. We are committed to providing you compact, streamlined and effective skin care solutions. For professional skin care solutions, contact us at 1-888-851-6533 or click here today!

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Source: What I Do: Gina Brooke’s Clever Makeup Tricks



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