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Why you can’t leave your Makeup on at Night :: Professional Skincare Tips

Each and every morning, millions of women apply makeup. But how many of these women actually remove their makeup each and every night?

Sometimes we forget to remove our makeup. Sometimes we are just too worn out after a long day of work, chasing our children, and keeping up with the house. And sometimes we just choose not to remove our makeup. After all, it is not important, right? Wrong!

The Importance of Removing Makeup Every Night

  1. While we sleep, our bodies naturally eliminate toxins through the pores. If you fail to remove your makeup at night, your pores may be too clogged to allow this natural detoxification to take place.
  2. Makeup, to a certain extent, can be a drying agent. Failing to remove your makeup at night can lead to dry, irritated skin. This is also why it’s so important to wear a moisturizing night cream – like Plantogen® Overnight Stress Repair – to allow your skin to recover from an entire day with makeup on.
  3. Skin regenerates three times faster at night than during the day, with cellular renovation activity reaching a peak between 2am and 4am. Failing to remove your makeup at night can hinder this regeneration.
  4. If you do not regularly remove your makeup at night, it may cause breakouts. It can also cause you to become increasingly prone to infections and bacteria.
  5. When makeup becomes impacted into your facial pores, it makes them look larger and more noticeable.

Leaving your makeup on once in a while shouldn’t hurt. Just don’t make a habit out of it.

Plantogen Recommended Skincare Product for Effective Makeup Removal

Plantogen® Purifying Cleanser for Normal/Dry: A creamy, gentle cleanser that helps dissolve and lift impurities without drying the skin. Cleans deep down to remove dirt, oil and make-up. Contains natural Manuka Honey, Chamomile extract and Vitamin E. Water soluble.

How to Use: Use daily. Apply small amount into palm of hand. Apply to face and massage well to remove makeup, dirt and impurities. Wash off with warm washer or sponge.

Additionally, using a hydrating mask every week can help make your skin look and feel heathier than you ever imagined possible!

For more Professional Skin Care Advice and more information about PLANTOGEN® Purifying Cleanser for Normal/Dry, please contact Plantogen® at 1-888-851-6533 or click here today!

Plantogen® plant derived spa therapy combines pure plant extracts with scientific know how. Plant energy is powerful. The essence of health and beauty comes from within. We can make ourselves feel and look better by taking care of our bodies. Nurture yourself, relieve stress, respect your body and soul. Stay calm, be happy, drink lots of water.

Our philosophy to skincare is this simple.

All Plantogen® products are made in New Zealand where we believe the pace is a little slower, the air is a little cleaner and the water a little purer.

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